Britain Needs Family Friendly Taxation

Britain’s taxation system is currently unfair for families. Under the current system a single earning family with children where one parent stays at home can pay more tax than a couple with no children where both partners work, on the same household income.  We need an overhaul to level the playing field.

Other countries have a taxation system that reduces the tax burden on families.  This can be achieved by allowing couples to transfer their tax-free allowance between partners, or by income splitting.  This is not a tax break but simply recognises that families with dependent children have more responsibilities and are less able to pay than people with no children.

Many parents would like to be able to look after their children themselves, but cannot afford to stay at home.  Current government ‘family-friendly’ policies tend towards providing more, cheaper childcare and tax breaks for working families.  This is great for families where both parents want or need to work.  It is time we also supported families who wish to raise their own children at home.  Changing Britain’s taxation system to make it fairer to families would help to give parents more choice about whether and how much they would like to work.

A petition is being put to the government to allow couples to transfer any unused tax allowance from one partner to the other.  Sign here if you agree