Finding Time for Mindfulness

When you are a mum there isn’t much time for formal meditation. However even the busiest person can find time for mindfulness. Mindfulness is like meditation on the go. I find since I have started practising mindfulness whenever I remember I have more energy, I am able to be more patient, I lose my temper less and I enjoy the little things more. I also find it easier to be present and pay attention to the here and now rather than seeking distraction (e.g. Facebook, checking email etc).

Here are my favourite ways to practise mindfulness and being present whilst looking after my 2 young children:
– on a walk paying attention to the sights, sounds and smells around instead of being on autopilot
– eating or drinking mindfully, paying attention to the taste and texture of what I am eating/drinking, even if just for a couple of bites
– take a deep breath and release any tension that has built up in my body through the day
– focus fully on any mundane, repetitive task I am doing, telling myself over and over ‘I am washing up/chopping/hanging out washing’ to help keep my mind present
– look out the window for a minute
– focusing on my breathing for a moment

My practice is very imperfect and I am no Zen master but it all helps. I think of it as a mini-break for my mind, a moment of peace from the chaos around me and in my own head.

What are your favourite ways to practise mindfulness?